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It is time to clean out and dispose of my many files but I am such a "keeper" that I can't just throw my years of stories, quotes, ideas, and memories away SO--- I am going to digitize them and put them in a blog to save in cyberspace as well. If anyone ever looks at this, I hope you find something that inspires creativity and fun energy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


FRIEND -- December 1983

Here is a fun and simple way to review scripture stories!
It would also be a great "plan" for multiple FHE Lessons -- spend a session on each "toy/symbol" that is in your "scripture grab bag."  After teaching each story, add the "toy/symbol" to your grab bag and review as you go along and then in the end play to review all the stories!!!  Then pull out the grab bag every few weeks for a quick fun review activity!  The kids will love it!

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