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Friday, November 16, 2012

"SALAD" Card Game

A New Card Game

Our friends taught us a new card game that the kids love!
This card game is comprised of 6 rounds

1 or 2 decks of face cards -- depending on how many players
Pencil and paper to keep score

To score the LEAST number of points possible and have the lowest score at the end of the 6 rounds.

Deal all the cards out to the players.  If the cards don't deal evenly, take out low numbered cards that ARE NOT hearts.  Each player should have the same number of cards.
Whatever suit is laid down by the first player of the trick, is the controlling suit.  All other suits have no power.  The highest number of the suit that is played first, or the suit that is "led", is the winner of the trick.

Person to the left of the dealer starts.  They lay down a card and each person then takes a turn going around the circle until each player has laid down 1 card.  The person who has the highest number card of the suit that was laid down by the first player "wins" the trick. 
A trick is a round of cards laid by going around the circle once.
Whoever won the "trick" will start and lay down the first card of the next "trick."  
Continue play in this manner until all cards are played.  That will complete round #1.  Score points, shuffle cards and re-deal for round #2.
There will be 6 rounds total to complete the game.

Each round scores differently.  Below are the points awarded for each round. 
Round #1:  Each trick is worth 10 points (if you win 3 tricks, you score 30 points.)
Round #2: Each heart is worth 10 points
Round #3: Each Queen is worth 25 points
Round #4: King of Spades is worth 100 points
Round #5: The winner of the LAST trick scores 100 points
Round #6: All scoring for Rounds 1-5 are counted in this last round

The person with the LOWEST score at the end of 6 rounds wins the game!

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  1. We played this game today at a family gathering. We know it as Milwaukee Salad. So much fun!