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It is time to clean out and dispose of my many files but I am such a "keeper" that I can't just throw my years of stories, quotes, ideas, and memories away SO--- I am going to digitize them and put them in a blog to save in cyberspace as well. If anyone ever looks at this, I hope you find something that inspires creativity and fun energy!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


My  mom bought me a white dress,  Not red or pink or blue.
     She said it was a special  dress,  Like very other few.
There has been just one before,  A dress now put away,
     That I wore some time ago,  Upon my blessing day.
As a little baby clothed,  In my first white dress,
      My Dad held me in his arms,  There to name and bless.

So pure and clean was I just then, With time to grow and learn,
     About the Father’s plan for me,. My glory I must earn.

Now I’ve reached  the age to judge,  The wrong road from the right,
     And I am here to be baptized,  In this dress of white.
So once again I’m free from sin,  The path is clear to me.
     I’ll grasp the road and hold on tight,  I now with certainty.
Just as mud would stain my dress,  Sin would strain my soul,
     The key is to repent or bleach,  For whiteness is my goal.

And if I try my very best,  Then richly blessed I’ll be,
     Wearing inside God’s holy house, White dress number three.
So today I make this pledge:  I’ll strive to choose the right,
     Through this sacred baptism ordinance, In my second dress of white.

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