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It is time to clean out and dispose of my many files but I am such a "keeper" that I can't just throw my years of stories, quotes, ideas, and memories away SO--- I am going to digitize them and put them in a blog to save in cyberspace as well. If anyone ever looks at this, I hope you find something that inspires creativity and fun energy!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012



This job rotation board has been in place for 2 years now.  It isn't always used to its fullest potential, BUT -- everyone has a "tidy up" job for an area of the house -- labeled with the washers -- AND a dinnertime job.
Sometimes we rotate weekly, during summer and holidays we rotate daily so that no one does dishes a whole week for the long days of summer.  Sometimes it stays for a few weeks -- I don't stress about the roatation!  I have explained to the kids that I'm in charge and I will be as fair as possible but always remember --- Life just is not fair!
The household area jobs have been placed according to size of job and age of child.  Those haven't rotated in months!  We have 2 older teenagers at home and their assignment is to help one of the youngest 2 kiddos.

It isn't fancy and I didn't use any vinyl lettering -- but it is functional and practical!  I even just used a piece of scrap board from the garage and settled for the double hooks to cut down the cost.
Functional doesn't always have to be beautiful!

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